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Has the Sun Rose over Cor'Terrae.


Timeline of Cor'Terrae

The timeline lists dates of major events according to the Camarian Calendar. If a date is given in other materials according to a different calendar, (such as the Royalian Calendar which dates Year 0 as the birth of Hovan Royale, which is year -103 in the Era of Kingdoms Old, or the Dirian Calendar which dates Year 0 as the exile of their ancestors to the north in year 1380 in the Age of Dance,) then the dates are adjusted to the Camarian Calendar. This is done by matching the other Calender dates against the founding of the Empire of Camar'a by Lukyan, (which is Year 0, Camarian Calendar.) The names of the various Eras and Ages are credited to the Vita S. ['The Books of Sacred Life.']

The Eras

Names and Meanings

Somnium: "The Dreaming."
Phantasma: "Illusionary Potential."
Igniculus: "Origin's Spark."
Rerum: "Reality Manifests."
Concieo: "The Awakening."
Perditus: "Era of the Lost."
Bellum: "Uncounted Wars."
Vindicta: "Era of Vengeance."
Exodus: "The Great Migrations."
Fallacitas: "Terrible Trickery."
Antiquis: "Kingdoms of Old."
Imperium: "Era of Empires."

Durations in Years (Tentative)

Somnium: Time is Meaningless.
Phantasma: Time is Meaningless.
Igniculus: Time-Span Unknown.
Rerum: Year -31,483 to -26,000 (Speculation)
Concieo: Year -25,999 to -21,758?
Perditus: Year -21,757 to 15,032?
Bellum: Year -15,031 to 12,655?
Vindicta: Year -12,654 to 8,897?
Exodus: Year -8,896 to 5,680?
Fallacitas: Year -5,679 to 3,167?
Antiquis: Year -3,167 to -1.
Imperium: Year 0 to 3421. (Present)

Eras and Ages

An Era begins with an "epoch" which is an event or date in time chosen as the origin of a particular Era.
is "epoch" then serves as a reference point from which time is measured.

Within an Era there are time spans called "Ages", although not every Era will have its own "Ages."
"Ages" do not have a predetermined amount of years, but they are named for what happens during this particular "Age".

The years before the birth of Lukyan in year 0 (Camarian Calender) are counted backwards and may have a negative sign beside them.
Duration: -32,633 down to -1.
The years after Lukyan's birth are counted forwards and will not have the negative sign.
Duration: 1 forward to 3421.
of the Earth categories of B.C. and A.D.)

Somnium Era

'Era of Dreams'  
*Detailed Article: Myths within the Dreaming

Ӝ The Cosmos was in a primordial state of darkness, and emptiness. This nothingness was where the Great Dreamer existed, alone, slumbering in the Void, without form or time in which the universe was set.

Ӝ The Dreamer would begin to dream, and in those dreams it grew to desire, and great sorrow filled the Dreamer's heart. As the Dreamer shed the first tear, this loneliness would personify itself like smoke in the wind. These manifestations would be called the Divines, transmutable at thought, further beings without form. From the Dreamer's misery the Divine of Compassion, who would come to be known as Naik'lea was born.

As Naik'lea comforts the Dreamer with the pronouncement, "I am here,"  the Dreamer's aura of tender affections toward the first of its children creates another, the Divine of Love, Sila Vor.


Phantasma Era

  • Events outside of time

'Era of Illusions'  
*Detailed Article: Myths of all possible Creations

Ӝ The Dreamer fantasizes of unknown worlds, and in it's dreams, thousands of such illusions are shown. This happening explains the concept of infinite, separate, and often alternate universes.

rom deep in these fantasies and imagery, the Divine of Illusions, Tin Du'hil, threads itself from the many strings of dreams, and settles beside the Dreamer to count the myriad universes. Their are innumerable worlds, and galaxies split from each other by the smallest of differences. Yet, no two possible futures could know of one another, forever on, the universes are separated, and remain alone.

Ӝ The twins materialize, opposite to one-another in substance. One is born of the Dreamer's hope and faith, while the other is born of regret and horror. The Divine of Hope, Reinn Anon, stems from the Dreamer's reverence of all possibility, finding glory in all creation. The Divine of Horror and Desire, Nanqa, stems from the Dreamer's negativity, and spite toward the possible destruction, and ruination of his creations. One Divine of purity and one of corruption, the Dreamers thoughts, and emotions warped and amplified.

Ӝ  Visions continue of other universes, all endless possibilities. The Dreamer is shown one future where the Divines have had children, and these Demi-Gods have brought terrible war. Brutal and hateful was the discord, and the Dreamer did not know how to respond, whilst Naik'lea raged and cried aloud at grievous fates and all the pain such horrors wrought.

Ӝ  The war between the Gods, and Demi-Gods began as simple bickering, a buy for power. Enraged, The Dreamer kills this rebellious brood without mercy, then declaring that the Divines are never to have children between them. All attempts to do so will fail, and it is henceforth impossible for the Divines to do so in all future realities.

"No children would be suffered born between the Divinities,
For the lives lived in vain of all those devoured and torn away,
and pain endured of those children the Dreamer had to slay."

Ӝ Naik'lea
in response to the endless misery, and limitless sorrows made possible by thousands of Universes, gouges out her own eyes in an attempt to avoid the dreadful events before her. But the Divine of Compassion now blind cannot escape the sounds, unable to further disfigure herself by the Dreamer's command, and begins to weep in effort to save all of creation from suffering. From this point onwards the 'Lady of Mercy' has never stopped her crying for the salvation of all her "Father's" creations.

Shyr'Vaero, the Divine of Battle and Vengeance spawns from courage, and the fury of the battle ground in that war between the Gods and Demi Gods.

From the war torn shambles, and depraved excess of thousands of Universes, the Divine of Chaos and Anarchy, Jhes'Khasti emerges.

In the Dreamer's need to Control the endless Universes, another being emerges from the Dreamer's essence, the Divine of Fate, Wan'an'iena, who even the other Divines cannot comprehend.

The Divine of Law, Meiva is spawned from Control, and Chaos as Law is but one potentiality of the infinite possibilities of Chaos. With the ability to Control the Universes now in the Dreamer's hand, order spreads throughout the Cosmos.


Igniculus Era

  • Dates Unknown.

'Era of Origins'  
*Detailed Article: Myths of the Spark of Origins

Ӝ The Dreamer is made to realize by the Divine of Control, Wan'an'iena, that it had until now only been dreaming, making fantasies. With the guiding of the Divines hand's to guide it, the Dreamer gathers the dusts of creation, beginning to awaken, to create reality. 

Ӝ Once the Dreamer awakens, matter begins to form. The Divine of Love, Sila Vor begins to dance and, the clinging particles of light would project outwards to create the brilliant hues that would conquer the night across the awakened Universe. She would then become the Queen of the Stars that she would originate.

Ӝ The Divine of Hope tries to gather the first bright particles, but unable to touch the light, they are aided by the Divine of Love. They grow in affection for each other and are bound, never to be parted. The Divine of Love, Sila Vor gives her power over light to Reinn Anon in good faith, and so the Divine of Hope becomes the Divine of Hope, and Pure Light.

Ӝ Now able to take up the first particles in the Universe, those gases that created light, the Divine of Light, Reinn Anon crafts Alasse Cir, High Paradise. These brilliant particles create a halo of light that form the top of the Universe, and as this is formed, Shadow, a self created entity shelters the cosmos. This separates the Realm of Light from the Void by a guise, the Myr Veil, creating a sanctuary of Shadow where life would be protected from the two extremes.

Ӝ With the gathering of darker, and dense matter the Dreamer grows ambitious in it's plans, and out of The Dreamer's ambitions the Divine of Ambition, Nau'ar forms.

Ӝ The planet takes on shape, and the Dreamer creates fire, making molten lava beneath the crust of the world to heat the terrene. The Fire is a gift to the Divine of Ambition and revelling in its new found power this Divine becomes of three: Nau'ar Divine of Ambition, Fire, and Power.

Needing to cool down the globe, the Dreamer makes it begin to rain from the atmosphere, liquid, forming the Divine of Water, Al'Shae Oaris. The Great seas, and Oceans are then created by the Divine of Water.

The Divine of Hope, and Light is gifted the power of Storms, and it becomes of three: Reinn Anon, Divine of Hope, Light and Storms.

Ӝ On the newly created planet, the light of Alasse Cir was not enough, and the world remained in darkness. The planet needed a source of light that the Void could not steal, and the Divines convened on what to do. The Divine of Chaos,  Jhes'Khasti then tricks The Divine of Fire, Nau'ar into throwing its power into the Cosmos, and in doing so it creates the Sun that would feed the Shadow.

Ӝ  Jhes'Khasti roars in laughter from its ploy as Nau'ar now may only use it's powers during the night hours, when the Sun slept. It is from this selfish act that Jhes'Khasti would become a Divine of three: Jhes'Khasti, Divine of Chaos, Intrigue, and Trickery.

Ӝ  The Moon is created so that Nau'ar's power could be returned for a few hours everyday. The Moon would wax, and wane through the month so that the Divine of Illusions, and now the Moon, Tin Du'hil, would have their powers slowly returned at one point during the month, before they would lose that power once more.

  With the first rising of the Sun, Time begins to toll throughout the Universe. In the uncounted years that follow, the world of Cor'Terrae is fully formed with atmosphere, mountains, rivers, and seas. The only Divine who understands that time is now without end is the Divine of Control, Wan'an'iena. This leads to Wan'an'iena becoming the Divine of Control, and Time.


Rerum Era

  • Dates Approximated.

'Era of Reality'  
*Detailed Article: Myths of the Actual World

→ ? - 31,483 Rerum: A succession of incredibly harsh ice ages wax and wan, glaciers having extended. and contracted in vast ice sheets, cover the sub-polar, and mountainous parts of the world. Constant glacier transgression, and regression cause high sea waters followed by low tides.

→ ? - 26,000 Rerum:  Great pieces of land have sense rifted apart, yet they commence a slowing of tectonic processes now. The plates quiet, though earthquakes shall always continue.

27,500? Rerum: As the terrene stills, and the the plates rift less often, land-borne plants, and coral reefs appear. Conifers spread, and the first representatives of many leafy trees, including figs, planes, and magnolias grow. Flowering plants, (angiosperms) flourish, and continue to spread across the world, diversifying based on climate, and geography.

27,000? Rerum: As the world begins to teem with wilderness, The Divine of Nature, Enayla Eelm emerges from the woodlands. They would go on to bless all flora, and the first fauna are born, bees aiding in the evolution of all flowering greenery. In cultivating the land, the Dreamer created first, small mammals, reptiles, and birds.

26,500? Rerum: The Divine of Nature promises to be the Dreamer's voice upon the world, and is named by the Dreamer as 'co-creator of the living terrene.' In this task, Enayla Eelm becomes the Divine of three: Flora, Life, and Fauna, the 'female' personification of the planet, and although they remained The Dreamer's child, they were yet too-equal in joint-creation.

26,250? Rerum: Sharks, Rays, and more Mammals evolve, adapting, and growing in the many climates and geographical locations of the planet. 

26,000? Rerum: In delight at all of Creation, The Dreamer expresses it's deep joy and excitement by blessing all blossoms. From the Dreamer's gaiety and celebration, the Divine of Joy, and Music, Rina'Lin, emerges.


Concieo Era

  • Dates Approximated.

'Era of Awakening'  
*Detailed Article: Myths of the Awakenings

25,980--> Concieo: Volcanism progressively decreases in both eruption rate of lava, and volume of sulfur dioxide output.

25,670--> Concieo: Cor'terrae's temperature would begin to warm at this time, and the atmosphere would become drier. This overall increase in aridity would see the expansion of grasslands, and savannahs at the expanse of ancient forests.

25,500 Concieo: Deep in the Ieldun cave system, the Dreamer fashions 'the first children' from the Ellearn, the Ancestor Trees. At the time they were only hollow timber, and it is Sila Vor who is dancing in the night sky, that gives to each of them a kindled star to carry within their living breast. This awakens the Anak Detska, and they become the first sentient peoples. Becoming the bearers of stars makes the Ellearn species Astriferous.


(WIP- To be continued.)

All Original names and references to the story they are from are Copyright of Nathanial Davidson