Sovereign Guard

 The Knowledge and Duties


- Honorific's (Titles).
- Names of members of the Nobility.
- Semantics (Lexicology, connotation).
- Diplomacy.
- Military courtesy ("Sir", "Ma'am", "Mister").
- Chivalry (Knights Code).
- Knights Honour (Virtues).
- Order of precedence.
- Protocols.
- Table Manners.

Language, History and Religion:

- Names, positions and invocations of All the Fifteen Divines.
- History to before the formation of the Camarian Empire.
- Full fluency in Sere'th (Elvish) including Reading/Writing
- Full fluency in Gaelian Trom (Old English) including Reading/Writing
- The political importance and information of every province in Camar'a.
- The political standing and diplomacy between Camara and Royale and Diria.
- Cultural differences in the human sects of the Camarian Empire.
- Cultural differences in each of the known Elven sects.
- Cultural differences among the Jharikk, Centaurs, Half Angels and Half Demons.


- Tactics
- Military
- Nobility/Royalty
- Religion
- History
- Geography


- To fight with Honour and valour.
- Never flank or hit a disadvantaged individual.
- Close quarter fighting.
- Defensive fighting.
- Shielding Another.
- The usage of gunpowder and muskets.
- Fighting on horse back.


- To kneel before your King and pledge your oath, service and life to him.
- Recognize that everything you say will be on the King, every mistake you make the King will pay for.
- Stand two steps behind and to the left of him during all council sessions, private meetings and diplomatic missions.
- Read all private messages the King receives to make certain no death threats or harm will come to him from them.
- If you believe his actions or inactions will cause him harm or detriment to diplomatically protest.
- Be his escort and his Guard at all times, where he goes in private or public you go unless dismissed.
- If asked for your opinion diplomatically state what your opinion is, even if you disagree with him.
- Try to allow him a personal life however if you must intrude politely make him understand it is your duty to protect him.
- To taste the King's food before he touches it.
- If such trust can be established be an ear for his worries, be patient with his anger and be a shoulder for his tears.
- Protect the King above anyone else, family of your own or his included.
- Be willing to die for him if the time would come to do so.

All Original names and references to the story they are from are Copyright of Nathanial Davidson.

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