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 (Mixed Breed/City Elves)

"We are the First Born. That was no choice of our own,
but who we call brother, that, that is a choice."


Mixed Elf Traits:


Mixed Elf traits as following: + 3 Charisma, 2 Strength

+2 racial bonus to Diplomacy and Gather Information.

+2 racial bonus to disguise when disguising one's self as a human.

Automatic Languages: Common, The Language of your Nation, Possible knowledge of Elvish.

 Favoured Class: Rogue.
(When multi classing into any charismatic or stealth based classes their is no multi classing penalties for Tor'onna.)

Level Adjustment: Does not change from base elf +3


History, Personality
Practises and Basic Appearance


Life among the short lived has changed these Sere'th; it is found to the usual disdain of the other Elven subraces that these people who share their blood are nothing like them. Beginning with elves who left the Mellim'disiel to explore and study the rest of the world, and then those who followed because of mortal loves. With time these elves blended into their surroundings, showing a far easier adaptation then the others of their race. They began to indentify themselves more by the nation and culture in which they lived then by their race.

With a blending of the Elvish long lived perceptive and the quick, adaptability of the humans, these Elves thrived in human environments. Those of a mixed blood of their Sere'th ancestry; more then just the child of two sub races, they were those who in their veins had the blood of at least three Elven sub races and some even far back human. The Tor'onna are called such because of this 'mixed' heritage, seen as basely by the Vodiael (High Elves) and the Shjar'ael (Desert Elves). They are capable of long term planning but also quick decisive decision making. These elves seem almost impulsive, although other races would perhaps still consider them a bit long sighted like Half Elves.

Numbers or racial unity is not as important to these elves, and they are the more commonly met elves outside of the courts. Living happily among their human neighbours and calling them brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles. The language, culture and pride of the nation they live and serve has far more importance to they then far off stories about their ancestors who first walked Camar'a. Almost all Tor'onna will put their national identity before their racial identity and it is not uncommon for the Elves who live this way to be mistaken for humans by their dress and conduct. Spread out through out the world these elves can be found from Royale to Dire Cry having no country or affiliation of their own beyond the nation they live within.

Culturally, socially, and philosophically they will closely resemble humans, and hardly ever will they have the haughty arrogance the First Born are known for. They do not hate that they are elves but will go out of their way to show that they are not like 'other' elves, being far more diplomatic and charismatic then their forefathers. The use of a silver tongue has been well noted by most Tor'onna, and with their speed and reflexes they make stealthy rogues and even deadlier assassins.

Hardly any Tor'onna are nobles, and a small amount are merchants, but they know how to appear the part even if they themselves are not. Crafty diplomats, wealthy courtiers, honest merchants and highwayman; like humans they are able to take on roles and fulfill them, and with the added Elven grace they do so with a flourish and finesse. Tor'onna are at home in the cities contrary to all other Elven sub races, although they still require nearby nature. They would be as lost in a forest as a Wood Elf would be inside a human city.

Used to the insulting of their own kind it is not strange to find a Tor'onna laughing along with humans at an Elve's irrational behaviours and arrogance, and when brought to their attention that they too are elves they will simply say it was not their choice what they were born. Many just find it easier to disguise themselves as humans as they like the humans must work twice as hard to make their place in the world where Elven nobility are given everything.

Style of dress and genetics varies by the location and nation in which the Tor'onna live. Religion is only as important to them as it is to the folk they live amongst, and their is no standard of worship. Faith in the Gods is not a requirement except where the culture of their nation comes into question, so the Gods they worship depend on society and culture.


All Original names and references to the story they are from are Copyright of Nathanial Davidson.

  Picture is not my own.Copyright to NCSoft (Lineage 2).