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Thyl'e Fae

Thyl'e Fae is the third largest Forest in the World.

It is home to the Mythical creatures called Faierie


Year Established – 7,979 Perditus

Ruler – Faelos Felinor Paurrisa

Ruler’s titles – King

Capitol – Nasioe

Population – 347

Government type – Elective Monarchy (Direct democratic vote for King by society.)

Government stability – Stable

Legal System – The laws are based on old traditions and have remained unchanged for over ten thousand years. The King listens to all complaints and deals with all issues of morality and crime.

Military – Scouts patrol the borders, mages are the military reserves.

Climate – Moderate winter temperatures and warm summer temperatures, an abundance of snow and perspiration.  

Languages – Ifa’umal (Fae), Sere’th (Ellearn), Gaelian (Common)

Social/Society – Isolationists within the borders of their forest, most Fae are fearful of humans, and are resentful of the Nwal’av who have been attacking their borders for thousands of years now. They have lost great casualties to these skirmishes because of their deathly allergy to all metals. With their disbelief in the Gods of the world they have found themselves on they are unable to have children within their own people. They can have children with elves or humans but not with other Fae and they know the Gods are trying to slowly weed them out for their disbelief; the last true Fae child being born over seven hundred years ago. This makes children dearly precious to these people. They have followed their elected King Faelos for over ten thousand years and although he grows weary they do not wish another to take his place. They are beings of the elements themselves; Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Ice, Lightning, Dark and Light.

History – Escaping their home world where they were enslaved to their own, a group of over four thousand five hundred Fae managed to revolt and free themselves. But they knew they would be re-enslaved having nowhere to run to. An elder among them, a Fire Fae give up his life, using his powers to create a portal blindly to another world. Quickly the Fae ran through and on the other side was a beautiful and old as the world itself, Rain forest.

They all gave voice to whom they wanted as their leader, and so Faelos the barely adult son of the elder who had given his life to save them was chosen as their King. And he has remained their King for over ten thousand years now. For over five thousand they have struggled to protect the forest from the Nwal’av and all demonic presences and have isolated themselves after great losses of life. Faelos swore himself to King Lukyan Quele, the first King of Camar’a, he swore to be an indentured servant for twenty one hundred years to the Quele family, hoping that with being a Vassal of Camar’a he could help his people more.

But the Gods of the world they have lived on for other ten thousand years have forsaken them because they are not the creations of this world. They are unable to have true Fae blood children, and with every death their numbers dwindle more. Life is precious to a people who are lost to time, thousands of years old and waiting for the day that they will be no more...then faerie tales.

People of Note –

Faelos Felinor Paurrisa, King of the Fae, over eleven thousand years old, he is the oldest being on Camar’a, and with the age came increased power. His body is made of fire; it no longer bleeds blood, but bleeds flame. If he does not consciously work on lowering his fire around humans they will catch aflame within five feet of him. He has an aura of sadness about him, as he has watched his people through the millennia’s die and he knows that someday there will be no more; and that he can do nothing to stop this fate from approaching.

Earth’sea’ia Felinor Paurrisa, Heir apparent of the Fae, he is the last born child, only in his seven hundreds he is not yet seen as an adult until he is over one thousand. He and his brother Iceifer were orphaned young, their parents killed by humans, they were adopted by Faelos. His naive trust in mankind got him nearly killed, severely beaten and his wings torn to shreds. Pitied by his people for his scars and loss of flight he is still loved as the last child and will take the throne when Faelos can no longer handle the stress.

Places of Note –

Uur'oa ri'es is a place that is found within the Thyl'e Fae (Fae Forest.) It is called ‘Crystal Falls, The Fall of Tears’ in common.

It is the burial site of the ageless Faierie, a multilevel waterfall and lake. Around these waters the colors of the trees never change, remaining orange and yellow with little pink that would be seen throughout the rest of the forest. In the depths of the water, cut and rough crystals glimmer, reflecting the sun in a bath of colors. The spectrum of the rainbow dances across the surface.
When a body of a lifeless Fae touches the lake, the physical form dissipates becoming one with the nature of Cor'Terrae. Once this occurs a gemstone falls into the waters to join the rest of their dwindling people. The Fae are alien to this world and so their souls cannot move on, and cannot be reborn. So here the deceased remain, all 5,152 soul stones working together to create the magical ward that protects the forest and its final  (347) inhabitants.
The aura of the place was one of a sort of peace for the Fae, here they could live on in defense of those they left behind; while the living waited in this forest for their deaths, and the death of their race.

Technology level – Primitive

Wealth – High (They want for nothing material.)

Allies and Alliances – Camar’a, Mellim’disiel

Enemies and Rivals – Nwal, Royale

Demographics – 95% Fae, 5% Mellim’disiel Ellearn.

Heraldry/Colors – N/A

National Resources – Wood, forgeable fruits.

Primary Religion – They have no belief in the Gods of this world.

Other Religions – N/A

Terrain – Temperate Rain Forest

Flora/Fauna – Redwood trees, Dougless fir trees, Spruce trees, Red cedar trees, crab apple trees, Rhododendron, Mosses, Fungus, Strawberries, Raspberries, Cranberries.

Animals – Deer, Jaguar, Many types of butterflies, eagles, spirit bears (White grizzly bears), wolves, snakes, lizards, frogs, swans, and Unicorns.




All Original names and references to the story they are from are Copyright of Nathanial Davidson.
The first picture is of modded Skyrim, photo taken by me.