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Species vs. Race

Species: How different are your creations are from each other, and humans? If one creation is reptilian, another four legged, and another has wings, these are more suggestive of being different species. Dragons, Fae, Angels and Humans would all be different species.

Race: Denotes lineage, so race is defined as a group of individuals with certain common inherited features that distinguish them from other races within a species.

Culture: Is a central concept in anthropology, encompassing the range of individual phenomena that cannot be directly attributed to genetic inheritance through race or species.

Some of my creations have multiple versions that are quite different from each other. So it made sense to call each creation a Species with multiple Races within that same Species. Under each distinct Race there are many different cultures, not chronicled here.


Cor'Terrae Species

    1. Ellearn:   (Astriferous)
      i. Orodael (Race of Ellearn)
      ii. Mellael (Race of Ellearn)
      iii. Muriael (Race of Ellearn)
      iv. Eerbleael (Race of Ellearn)
      v. Silvelksh (Race of Ellearn)
      vi. Myrael (Race of Ellearn)

    2. Human:   (Ventiferous)
      i. Camarian (Race of Human)
      ii. Royalean (Race of Human)
      iii. Le'Lis (Race of Human)
      iv. Sujan (Race of Human)
      v. Dirian (Race of Human)
      vi. Nai'on (Race of Human)

    3. Vlec:  (Reptilian Humanoid)
      i. Jharrik (Race of Vlec)
      ii. Svarstyk (Race of Vlec)

    4. Sagmae:  (Partially Human)
      i.  Uonin (Race of Sagmae)
      ii. Fusiga (Race of Sagmae)
      iii. Fefiniol (Race of Sagmae)
      iv. Ar'ael (Race of Sagmae)

    5. Eilaer:  (Angelus)
      i. Aelael Eilaer (Race of Eilaer)
      ii. Mael Eilaer (Race of Eilaer)

    6. Hen'ei:  (Diabolus)
      i. Aelael Hen'ei (Race of Hen'ei)
      ii. Mael Hen'ei (Race of Hen'ei)

    7. Ribehali:  (Serra)
      i. Nisatal (Race of Ribehali)
      ii. Syalvat (Race of Ribehali)

    8. Perthtras:  (Bellua Kin)
      i. Eolin Tiger (Race of Perthtras)
      ii. Mellim Wolves (Race of Perthtras)
      iii. Eis'Roc (Race of Perthtras)

    9. Faierie


All Original names and references to the story they are from are Copyright of Nathanial Davidson