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Royale is the southern most Kingdom.

It suffers tremendous loss during the Civil War/Age of Darkness.


(During the Civil War/Age of Darkness)

(Year 1994-1997 by Camar'an Calender)

Ruler – N/A

Ruler’s titles – King

Capitol – Tuima

Population – less than 5,000 people

Government – N/A

Government type –  Monarchy

Government stability – No reigning monarchs, lower nobility is wiped out.

Military  – Scattered

Social/Society – They are trying to survive against increasing undead hordes that are attacking their cities and villages. With no stable government and the belief their God has forsaken them the people are despairing and the loss of life is increasing daily.  The women have taken up arms to fight alongside the men and this is viewed in their culture as strength, and the women are given the respect they deserve for protecting their families.

History –  Royale was established with the birth of Hovan, a boy that was God touched by their deity Nanqa, God of Darkness, undead and Honour. Nanqa created this child to lead his people who were prosecuted and murdered for worshipping him. The line of Royale have all been raisers of the dead, born with the talent of necromancy. Many of them have become liches, but even with these seemingly evil King's ruling them, the people have always remained loyal. At anytime these people are willing and able to give their lives, killing themselves in a ritual that will allow their ruler to bring them back as sentient undead so they can better serve the Kingdom in it's armies. This loyalty has always earned the distrust of Camar'a the northern Kingdom of the God of Light, Angels and winds. There has never been peace between the two Kingdoms in over two thousand years.

Royale's King and Queen, Robert and Elizabeth were killed in year 1992, and the King and Queen of Camar'a, Peter and Linda seized power, the Royal family of the Kingdom of light ruling over the Kingdom of darkness. Laws were passed no Royalian could carry arms but they hid their weapons, and they trained in secret. The heir Thom died of illness at age 16 and with his death Drefan the elder brother lost his mind. Drefan a powerful necromancer lost himself to the abyss, his mind shattering and he began to wage war on the world to destroy it. The Royalians God Nanqa was within the young man's mind at the time and the God found himself pulled down with Drefan into the abyss. Now Drefan attacks his own people mercilessly and the people know something is dreadfully wrong with their 'Bitter Prince'. Their God does not speak to them and Drefan attempts to wipe them out, the people of Royale fight against their own Prince, wanting the chance to defeat him and save him from the abyss. They do not blame him or their deity, a people of honour until the end they will free their prince from the clutches of insanity and forgive him. Loyal to the end.



The war over, Royale still has no reigning monarch and it becomes an occupied vassal of Camar'a.

(21 years after the war)

(Year 2018)

Year Established –

Royalian calendar: Year 1 Heto khavar

Camar’ian Calender: Year 103 Perditus

Ruler –Joscelin Quele Ante

Ruler’s titles – King

Capitol – Illander (Camar'a's Capitol)

Population – 24,000

Government – Local lords, chosen by Camar’a and of Gaelian descent

Government type –  Monarchy

Government stability – Occupied.

Legal System – Rape and Murder are punishable by death, ‘blood for blood’ is the Royalian saying. Most crimes either go unpunished by the Gaelians Guards and Lords or the punishment is far more severe then it should be.

Military – Disbanded, no Royalian may carry arms. Military is made up of Camar’an’s (Gaelians).

Climate –  Cold winters and warm summers.

Languages – Royalian, Sere’th (Elvish), Gaelian(Common), Nwal’av

Social/Society - The People of Royale live by strict honour codes they have put upon themselves in light of their deity being the God of honour.  They hold no love for Camar’an’s, but with their codes of honour they will not rise up against those that are occupying them, and are waiting for Prince Drefan to take back power. Loyalty to the Royale family is still strong even though the royal family is all but dead except Drefan. They are a people held down by oppression but they have their pride and will not lose what makes them Royalians. There ceremonies are done in secret, the sacrifice of the first child to Nanqa, as the first child holds within it Mana (power) of their God that must be returned. They still carry upon them after the age of twelve the dagger hidden in their waist sashes, if Drefan were to ever return they would once again be willing to immediately give there lives for their liege to serve in undeath.  They have lost their written language in the years after the war, as the castle burned, the Tuima library just ash because of Gaelian fears of necromancy.

History – Sense the war Drefan was forgiven but has disappeared, enveloped in his own guilt at what he had done their prince hides away for 21 years. In the meantime The Kingdom of light has ruled over Camar'a for many years now and the laws still stand as they did before the war, training in secret, doing their ceremonies and rituals in secret. Language lost, they begin to keep their culture through story and song, but they lost not only people but many of their beliefs. The Gaelian guards posted to Royale are either green or should have been discharged for transgressions and do not care about the people they are sent to protect, they do not know the language and they take advantage of their position. King Joscelin has recently taken the throne at his 21st birthday, and there is hope throughout the Royalians that this King will realize what has been done to them, to give them back the freedom they once had many years ago. An entire generation born into an occupied country, whispering in the dark, praying their prince will come back to save them. That their God who long ago was locked away by the other deities for his ways will give mercy and find a way to help them. And so in the meantime they wait.

People of Note –

Drefan Robert Royale, Prince of the Royale royal family, known to be a practising necromancer and liche. He was the eldest son though he was not heir; the reasons were never made public. His people refer to him as the ‘Bitter Prince’, because of his temperament and actions in public. He prefers to be alone, and does not like physical contact. He is also sarcastic, cynical and silent. The reasons have never become public but Drefan lost his mind when his younger brother Thom heir apparent died of disease. He then with mind lost waged war on the world to destroy it. Called ‘The Betrayer’, by Camar’a for slaughtering the royal family and court, later forgiven by the heir of Camar’a Nathanial, guilt ridden he has hid himself away. He suffers from deep physcological issues and keeps many secrets so there is little knowledge as to why he is the way he is.

Places of Note –

The Myr Veil, a small forest in the south west of Royale, overflowing with shadow. The most sacred place on the world for the Myr’ael, Shadow elves; Myr Veil is literally the Shadow Veil, where the veil between this plane and the plane of shadow is the thinnest. Also residing in the Myr Veil is the veil between life and death, the veil of this plane and the plane of souls at its thinnest.  It is not understood why or how the veils between the plane of Shadow and the Halls of Mourning, the plane of souls, are thinnest here but it is the duty of all shadow elves to protect the veil. Myr’ael give their lives and undeaths to protect these two portals, these veils between the realms.

Technology level – Dark Ages

Wealth – Poor

Allies and Alliances – Menel Swamp, Nwal

Enemies and Rivals – Camar’a, Thyl’e Fae, Isle of the Empyrean, Mellim’disiel

Demographics – 75% Royalian Humans, 15% Myr’ael(Shadow) elves, 10% Nwal’av (Half Demon/Half High elves)

Heraldry/Colors – One half black, a laughing silver skeleton overtop of it, one half silver with a black rearing unicorn. Colors of black and silver.

National Resources – Bountiful farmlands, the largest crop producing Kingdom in the world.

Primary Religion – Nanqa, God of Darkness, undead and honour.

Other Religions –  Sjel nn’harma (God of Death), Al’shae Oaris (God of the Sea), Enayla Eelm (Goddess of Vegitation), Meiva (Goddess of Justice), Naik’lea, (Goddess of Suffering).

Terrain – Great plains or prairies.

Flora/Fauna – Fir trees, aspen trees, pine trees, artic/wild roses, snow berries/ghost berries (poisonous) ,dewberries (edible), bunchberries (edible), raspberries, strawberries, cranberries, yarrow (used to stop bleeding), farmland of what, barley, rye.

Animals: Deer, Moose, Wolves, bears, hares, foxes, bison, coyotes, great horned owls, red tailed hawks, ravens.




All Original names and references to the story they are from are Copyright of Nathanial Royale.