General Information


Read before Character Creation:
You do not need to read the 'Legend' page, though it does explain how the world was created and the first ten thousand years of history. What is required to be read is this Information Page, the Campaign History, Races and Deities before Character Creation.

Character Creation:

To Start:
Please do not create a character on your own, all Stat rolls, abilities etc. has to happen with the DM. However this does not apply to background, run the idea by me so I okay it then brain storm! I will get together with you in private for a first hour or two to create character and get your character where I need you in my world.

After we roll up the stats and make up the character sheet I expect at least a one page write up of your characters past before first game session, this can be written or typed. This write up may give you bonuses.

Choosing a Race:
Not all the Racial pages are complete, look at those that are and if their is one that is not complete you want to know about please ask. I do not have the time to finish up all the races and only did those I believed would be used for certain.

If you are playing an Elve:
You MUST read the Elven main page, both racial abilities and the practices and culture, then the racial abilities and culture and practices of the Elven sub race you choose. And you must choose a sub race, their no non-descript random Elves running around. I really don't want the cultures of my Elves to be butchered so please read carefully!

Choosing a Deity:
After reading about your race and their favoured deities, please go and read about the Gods, information on all of them is not required however if you do read up on them all I will give your character points in knowledge religion for free upon roll up. Choosing a Deity is very important in this world, you can worship more then one, and you do not have to be the Gods particular alignment (Their alignment is more about the Gods personality.)

Like in the World of Darkness system you will be also picking at least one flaw and one merit. I have the list of them on me, and these will be decided on Character creation with the DM.


Game Play:

Adult Oriented game:
The Book of Erotic Fantasy is being used by the DM and can be used by players as well. This game is adult rated, most of the group already knows their own and the DM's comfort zone but if you have concerns please tell me!! I do not want to tone down the material to much but I need to be told if their is a need to do so.

This is not a combat heavy game, although combat will occur randomly and in the style of bosses. The group will encounter by the half way point at least 4 NPCs, so fighting should not be an issue, I do not need nor want power gamers. To do away with this; All encounters whether the opponent/s run, die or are talked out of fighting will receive the same experience regardless of outcome. This is role play experience not battle experience.

Role playing/Character Growth:
This is a game built for much less dice rolling and more character interaction and by the end, there should be substantial character growth and development. Each Character will have a personal quest which will be made in junction between the player and the DM. This quest will be achieved outside of group gameplay near the end of the story one on one with the DM. After the personal quest is complete your character will inherit their Legacy weapon (Either from the Weapons of Legacy book or made by the player with permission of the DM).

Cinematic/Descriptive Scenes:
There will be points when a scene is happening in which the characters are unable to interact with the environment (Dreams/Nightmares) and scenes in which I will be giving description while your characters are running/moving but unable to stop what will happen. (Think Aerith's death scene from FF7). I will be giving description and what is occurring however your characters are only able to react emotionally, not physically. These are Cinematic scenes which I will not want to repeat, so please when I say Cinematic Scene! Listen up!

Good/Evil, Black/White (Alignment vs Taint):
There are consequences for everything, and not everything is good or evil, black or white. Actually hardly anything in my world is truly good or truly evil. There is alot of the shades of grey. On this account alignments don't mean as much in this world as I am using a modified version of the DnD Taint/Corruption System. You can still have an alignment, some classes still require them, but I want you to more role play your character's personality then their alignment.

Pure Soul Feat (Immunity to Taint):
No you can not take the Pure Soul Feat from the Heroes of Horror book. All PC's are susceptible to taint, it is the DM's discretion if you may get it eventually or not.



Website Updates:
As the game progresses I will be adding NPC information and pictures. If you find a visual representation of your character you would like me to put up just tell me! I will happily make a PC page to showcase the Player Characters. So the website will be continually updated so keep checking in, the update status will be on the front page at the bottom.

Every session will be summarized and documented on the website so that both players and DM can read and be reminded of what was occurring during game last session even if it was a month ago.


Any future Questions or Queries will be put up here if I think it is good information for everyone to know! Confused on anything phone me up after 5 pm.



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