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 (Shadow Elves)


"The living oweth the dead their lives."


Shadow Elf Traits:


Shadow Elf traits as following: +3 Wisdom, -2 Strength

+2 racial bonus to Heal.

Special Abilities: Grafting - The art of affixing things not naturally meant to be there to one's body. This can be body parts, bones and even non-organic materials. (Known examples have been undead limbs, vampire fangs, replacing eyes with another's and a secondary ribcage to re-enforce the first) Grafting Flesh perquisite is Heal 10 ranks. Once a Myr'ael has this knowledge of healing; Grafting is an ability they can do innately. Libris Mortis (p. 27)

Negation of Fortitude roll when you take more then half of your current HP because of high pain tolerance.

Immunity to Fear Effects and Morale failure vs Death.

 Favoured Class: DuskBlade (Players Handbook 2)

Level Adjustment (Including base Elf level adjustment): +5


History, Personality
Practises and Basic Appearance


2913 Fragmentum (The Age of Fracture). An autumn night, sudden whispers like velvet in the minds of sleeping children. Thyl'ael, Wood elven children who slept away in their beds woke with a start from a dream. Flowing streams of darkness, caressing, protecting and pleading. Lured away from safety these children ran from their homes following the voice that asked them to protect and befriend. Many died on the journey, and those who survived entered the Realm of Shadow to meet what would become their world and purpose. "Protect me the Dragon called, the Shadow yearned for company, befriend me it whispered in it's need of defenders and I will always be with you..."

The children never looked back, they never asked for forgiveness and gave themselves to the shadow.

The youngest of the subraces of Elves the Myr'ael keep to themselves in the Menel swamp of their capitol and the Myr Veil, a small forest in the south west of Royale, overflowing with shadow. The most sacred place on the world for the Myr’ael, Shadow elves; Myr Veil is literally the Shadow Veil, where the veil between the material plane and the plane of shadow is the thinnest. Also residing in the Myr Veil is the veil between life and death, the veil of this plane and the plane of souls at its thinnest. It is not understood why or how the veils between the plane of Shadow and the Halls of Mourning, the plane of souls, are thinnest here but it is the duty of all shadow elves to protect the veil. Myr’ael give their lives and undeaths to preserve and protect these two portals, these veils between the realms. They are isolated in their swamp or the forest but will leave if to better serve the Shadow they are abroad fighting, and it has been known that Myr'ael are sent on missions by the very Shadow itself, the entity that rules the Realm of Shadow.

There is an intimate connection between every Myr'ael and the shadow, a loyalty that exceeds every other material or mortal thing. To show this loyalty their are two rituals that the Myr must pass in their youth. A puberty ritual that involves the young Myr through their own inventiveness and cunning, get 5 spirits to follow them into the realm of soul. In the maturity ritual the Myr must walk the Realm of Shadow three days with nothing but the clothes on their backs. If both are completed the Myr'ael will inherit the powers of shadow and be able to bare children.

Myr'ael have the most scientific knowledge of anatomy through their experiments on themselves and others which are always consensual. Grafting has been perfected through the process of experimental surgery, plastic surgery is possible but quite expansive. They know the most about medical cleanliness as well, where as the other cultures and races only know how to heal through magic, the Myr'ael know how to hands on fix and correct bodily issues. The Myr'ael have an order of surgeons called Agrindua Krvi, The Order of the Blood, which will do field triage during war headed by Lady Milistree (Pictured above) who through surgery on herself was the first surgeon and current leader in anatomical sciences.

Sere'th all die in the completion of their destiny or falling in battle, and unlike mankind they come back remembering the life they lived before, but never their death. Thusly this keeps incomprehensible the very idea of mortality and death. Death fascinates the Myr'ael however, and it is in every matter of their living; arts, rituals and religion, they also have a propensity for the study of the necromantic arts. Some Myrael even go beyond just mere grafting of undead flesh to their own; they undergo alchemical processes and mystic rites in order to appear dead. Myr society itself revolves around the very idea of the beyond, and instead of leaving it as something they shall face only when the time comes they delve deeply within the very core of the idea of death itself to better prepare themselves for that day whenever it may come.

Sadomasochism is a norm, nearly every member of the Myr'ael culture is sadist, masochist or both, the grafting and anatomical studies they do require a certain level of pain tolerance. There are two norms of beauty for the Shadow elves, flawless perfection and the grotesque; those that have ritualistically their entire lives dedicated themselves to scarification. The most beautiful woman to the Myr is she who has taken a knife and over long years of studying applied this knowledge to herself.

The Myr'ael care for all of their dead. The elves have perfected the art of embalming, the bodies of the fallen preserved in catacombs under the Myr'ael Capitol in Menel swamps. Grave robbing is considered a heinous crime to the Myr, and someone who knowingly transgresses against the fallen may be killed and cremated, with no record made of their death so they will never be remembered. The Deathless are those Myr'ael who have fallen protecting the Veil or in battle and their body being preserved waits, and when the people are in need ask for them to return. The soul is taken with their permission from the Halls of Mourning and placed back inside the dead body, the body remains dead, but it stands a sentient undead.

While the Myrael despise the creation of the undead, they revere the Deathless unlike other undead, as the Deathless draw power from the positive, rather than negative energy, and are generally good in alignment. The Myr believe it is a religious duty to Sjel Nn'harma, God of Death to purge the lands of undead that are either evil or unwillingly brought back by other necromancers. The Deathless as they are elders who have fallen and rose again to continue the journey and protect the Veil are respected, honoured and revered by all. It is not an unexpected thing to see the King and Queen of the Myr'ael bow deeply to the ground to any Deathless they walk by.

They are naturally nocturnal though sunlight does not harm the Myr; they do find it draining on them to be out in the harsh rays of the sun. They are known as a calm and collected people, they are reserved in their speech, concealing emotions to strangers but never to friends. With the perspective of the long lived they will always want to know every option before making a decision. Myr all have two names, their birth name and the name they are known as to the world, their birth name is a secret only they and their parents would know. The Myr'ael have no fears of demonic kind and they have Priests and Priestesses who make deals with and capture demonic souls, imprisoning them within their own forms. The true names of the Myr are sacred and kept secret for this reason, any demon who learned of a Myr's true name would be able to wrest control away.

Unlike humans the Myr'ael marry for love. Polyamary is an accepted practise by the Myrael, as well as consensual incest. The loving of a Deathless is also very common, and to have a Deathless's affections is a great honour. The Myr'ael also do not look down upon the loving of another race, human matches are not common but are celebrated for the love shared. Membership in a noble house is not hereditary. An elf becomes a noble by what the elf does. Meaning, just as you were born common you could become noble and just as you were born noble, you could become common. The King and Queen are chosen by the current noble houses.

The Myrael respect knowledge and wisdom all the more even then martial skill, and far many more are sages and wizards then fighters.  Traditionally an elf can become deathless only after she has lived at least five hundred years. The Myr view life as a journey, with undeath as a destination; even those worthy of the honour must experience a full life to appreciate what comes next. However, an elf who shows great promise may be raised from the dead, so that she can continue on the path of life. For Life is just a pathway to death, and then on again to more life. Deathless or rebirth, death and life are a never ending cycle. Death is never something to be feared.

In appearance the Myr'ael are all snowy white or grey as they live in the swamps where the shadow and fogs block out the sun. They can tan if given enough time in the sunlight however. They are known for dark brown or black hair, dark eyes of red, blue, purple, brown or grey. They have the same heights as most elf kind, 5'10 to 6'2 but are normally thinner then their other brethren. A love of gothic style is cultural for these people, black lace, crushed velvet. As scars are seen as beauty and power, they are worn openly where all can see.

The fear of the walking dead by the other cultures of Camar'a and the unwilling attitude toward their acceptance means that most Myrael are isolated away from other cultures. Though this does not make them less accepting of others. Any who seek political refuge or are exiled from their own people are welcome in the Menel swamp, which is also home to the Covern of Vampiric Elders and the City of the Vampires.


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