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"All living matter must live within the Cosmos of Shadow that feeds upon the Light and keeps at bay the Darkness."


Of the Galaxy

 The Void - Negative Energy. Outside of the Cosmos there is a nothingness, bereft of anything. The Infinite Distance, Emptiness, Vast chasm, The moving formless mass, Primordial chaos, The Ancient darkness, Black gleamless night. This was where Corchorum slept, in chaos potential before it Dreamed all possibilities and illusions, awakening to create reality.

Alasse Cir - Positive Energy. As the Divines began to move through the Darkness particles of light were left in the wake of the second deity, Reinn Anon. Laughing, the Divine of Light took up this radiance that formed a halo over the universe and with the the Dreamer, they molded Alasse Cir, (The Endless Plains or The High Paradise). Thus the light found the top of the great expanse and the Heavens were where the Fifteen would dwell, where time could not touch the inhabitants. Where the Telemnar (Angels and Archangels) live amongst the Gods. Those who lived virtuous lives and/or died with honor will be allowed to spend eternity here.

Shadow Cosmos - Neutral Energy. Below the Realm of Light, particles that could go no higher first formed this sheltered universe within the Shadow. That Shadow became matter; and that self created Shadow was projected to part the two; existing between the range of Virgin Light and Ancient Darkness. This is where all worlds, stars and life must be.

Structure of Cor’terrae

  Cor'Terrae Earth
Surface Area: 356,720,000 km squared Surface Area: 509,600,000 km squared
Mass: 0.75 (4.479×10^24 kg) Mass: 1 (5.97219×10^24 kg )
Radius: 4778.0 km Radius: 6371.0 km
Circumference: 30396 km Circumference: 40,074 km
Density: 5.0 g/cm³ Density: 5.5 g/cm³
Gravitational Force: 6.86 m/s² Gravitational Force: 9.78 m/s²
Average Temperature: 68F (20C)

Average Temperature: 60F (15C)

Average Days in a Year: 253

Average Days in a Year: 365

Average Months in a Year: 12

Average Months in a Year: 12
Average Days in a Month: 20 Average Days in a Month: 29

Hours in a Day: 33hrs

Hours in a Day: 24hrs

“That Love is inside this very planet, internal to the world.
Outside is the body, but inside is my Heart,
which holds Cor'Terrae in unison as a compact completeness.
My Love is embodied in the form of this world.
Given freely, to all; Never to be taken back.”
- Corchorum.


The Crust - is the outermost, thin shell Cor'Terrae, called 'The Heart World'. It is the physical reality of Corchorum, the body in its physical property and matter such as height and depth, chill and heat, beauty and barrenness.

The Mantle is Kazcas, which became known as Hell. A place where people who had in life not earned the entrance to Alasse Cir or could not go down into the 'Halls of the Buried' would be purified through discipline until they understood and be forgiven. This is in hopes that one day they will be ready for either Alasse Cir or Rebirth. Mankind believes Hell to be much worse then it actually is, and believe that far too many things in life will lead you there. If ones Heart is too heavy with vices the soul will become stuck in this realm unable to move further down to the Realm of the Dead.

The Outer Core is 'The Halls of the Buried' or the Realm of the Dead. The Hall’s twisting passages and arching halls are the flesh of a being that had once been man, but had been buried alive. The first mortal to die, the God of the Dead has fused with the throne he was bound to beneath the earth, and he listened to the misery and horror found within the stories of the recent dead. Humanity seeping away, Sjel Nn’harma rules a land that is his own body, the Realm of the Dead , a coating of earth and migrating souls that conceals and protects the inner Core.

 Sjel weighs the metaphorical Heart of the deceased over his cupped hands, determining the worthiness by weighing the virtue of Love against the vices. A heart that died with honor will go onto Paradise, for both Ellearn and man. This weighing of Love and vices decides how long an individual must wait in the 'Halls of the Buried' before rebirth. Those whose heart is filled with the greatest love are prone to quicker rebirth in the case of both Ellearn and man.

The Inner Core is the 'Heart of the Dance', Corchorum. The Consciousness and Spirit at center of matter that dances at the core to keep the world spinning. Corchorum forms the womb and the source of infinite energy that is called the Divine Spark, the shared Divinity of all life. Mortals will be cleaned here for rebirth in an endless cycle. This washing process within the core disassembles the soul by stripping it of identity, and leaving only soul-creatia, raw sentient-energy to be molded into another mortal.

For the Ellearn, those whose love was the strongest will be able to resist the filtering effects of the core and maintain their memories into the next life. Each cleansing that the Ellearn transcendences will build upon each other, the soul becoming powerful enough to resist the forces that would pull it apart.


Structure of Nau'ar

  Cor'Terrae's Sun Earth's Sun
Spectral Type: K2V Spectral Type: G2V
Mass: 0.82 Mass: 1
Luminosity: 0.50      Luminosity: 1 
Diameter: 0.86    Diameter: 1.00
Distance from Planet to the Sun: 0.7 AU  Distance from Planet to the Sun: 1 AU  
Days to Orbit the Sun: 253 Days/1 Year

Days to Orbit the Sun: 365 Days/1 Year

   Heat off put: 5000 Kelvin

Heat off put: 5778 Kelvin


Nau’ar, Divine of Fire and Power merged with the Sun shirking and effectively destroying his humanoid form permanently, making Cor’Terrae’s Sun, his essence and form. The Sun has an orangey hue from being a Main Sequence K2 star. To the naked eye the Sun appears larger on Cor'Terrae then it would on Earth. This is because of the creation of gigantic indestructible chains that bind the Sun to the Planet, and the Planet to the Sun.

These chains are known as The Ruby Chain, Amber Chain and the Onyx Chain and each have a piece of an Archangel’s soul within it from one of Nau’ar’s daughters. The Onyx Chain is the strongest and the first, bridging the distance between the planet and the Sun. All three chains would drag the Sun closer to Cor’Terrae, increasing the Planet’s temperature by several degrees and causing rapid desertification of the equator.

Structure of Tin Du'hil

  Cor'Terrae's Moon Earth's Moon
Type: Gaseous  Type: Rocky
Mean radius 2671.3 km Mean radius 1737.10 km
  Surface Area: 6.8x10^7 km squared Surface Area: 3.793x10^7 km squared
Mass: 1.5 (11.02155×10^22 kg)

Mass: 1 (7.3477×10^22 kg)

Mean Density:  2.1558 g/cm3 Mean Density: 3.3464 g/cm3
Orbit: 25 Days           Orbit: 27 Days

Average Distance: 5.61x10^11m

Average Distance: 1.4957 x 10^11m


The atmosphere of Tin'Duhil is composed of hydrogen; methane and ethane clouds and nitrogen-rich organic smog that gives it the darker patches.  The Moon is primarily composed of water ice and rocky material which allows it to be light blue. This moon has a highly eccentric (non-circular) orbit which brings it quite close to Cor'Terrae and far away. This causes its appearance to change from very small and faint to large and bright from the planet's surface.

/Scientifically/ - A moon made of gas and ice would be unable to form so close to the sun or in the least, it would not keep it's atmosphere very long as it is not past the Freeze line. Ignoring this issues I have gone with aesthetics over science as in the end, this is all fantasy.


Calculations were done by a History major.
I hold no expectation that any of this science is correct.


All Original names and references to the story they are from are Copyright of Nathanial Davidson./font>

 Graphic copyright to Nathanial Davidson