Important History
Overview of the Campaign Background

Royale was established with the birth of Hovan, a boy that was God touched by their deity Nanqa, God of Darkness, undead and Honour. Nanqa created this child to lead his people who were prosecuted and murdered for worshipping him. The line of Royale have all been raisers of the dead, born with the talent of necromancy. Many of them have become liches, but even with these seemingly evil King's ruling them, the people have always remained loyal. At anytime these people are willing and able to give their lives, killing themselves in a ritual that will allow their ruler to bring them back as sentient undead so they can better serve the Kingdom in it's armies. This loyalty has always earned the distrust of Camar'a the northern Kingdom of the God of Light, Angels and winds. There has never been peace between the two Kingdoms in nearly two thousand years.

Camar'a was established with the birth of Lukyan, a boy that was God touched by their deity Reinn Anon, God of Light, Angels and the Winds. Reinn created this child to counter Nanqa and to fight against the rising darkness. The line of Quele have been Healers and Holy Warriors, born with the talents of the light. They conquered many times the cultures near to them and have sense formed a large collective of Vassal states under their command. The Gaelians (English/Welsh) are superior to the inferior cultures of the Daranigh (Irish) and Islay (Scottish) and have subjected them.

In year 1984 Judicium (Age of Judgement) with the birth of the Quele heir, Nathanial Peter Quele peace was talked through between Royale and Camar'a for the first time in nearly two thousand years. This peace was bought by the arranged marriage of the Quele heir marrying the Royale heir Thom Robert Royale. This peace was unsteady and much of Camar'a did not want it with the land that worshipped the God of Darkness, but the alliance held until the death of the Royale King and Queen.

Royale's King and Queen, Robert and Elizabeth were killed in year 1992 Judicium (Age of Judgement). The King and Queen of Camar'a, Peter and Linda seized power, even though the Heir to the Royale throne was 14, legal age to begin to rule and his elder brother Drefan was 21. Suddenly the Royal family of the Kingdom of light was ruling over the Kingdom of darkness. Laws were passed that no Royalian could carry arms but they hid their weapons, and they trained in secret. The heir Thom who had become gravely ill it is said died of illness in 1994 Judicium (Age of Judgement) and with his death Drefan the elder brother lost his mind.

Drefan a powerful necromancer lost himself to the abyss, his mind shattering and he began to wage war on the world to destroy it. Nanqa the story goes is controlling the liches mind, and caused him to go insane. Drefan killed the entire Quele Court, King and Queen both and it is believed that the heir to the throne also died in that horrific attack. The capitol city of Illander with it's population of over 10,000 was slaughtered and raised into an army. Now Drefan attacks the world mercilessly with his scourge of undead, destroying entire peoples and cities.

It has been three years of the insane liche attacking relentlessly and hope is all but dead, of over two hundred noble houses there are under ninety left as civil war has taken the kingdoms as they try to gather power and support to defeat Drefan. But all it is doing is weakening the kingdoms making it is easier for them to be taken and destroyed.

The last three years, 1994 to 1997 have been called Tenebrae (Age of Darkness) and this is the year in which your character has stepped out of their home, where ever that may be. What will you do? Where will you go? Will you fight the scourge or will you hide? The people say the Gods have forsaken Camar'a Sere'th, the world they have created, but then how can the Clerics still be doing their magic? Why wont the Gods help?

Hope is forsaken.



All Original names and references to the story they are from are Copyright of Nathanial Royale.

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